A student must exhibit in his/her life the characteristics of Christian love, loyalty, honesty and faithfulness as represented in the Holy Bible.

The student must have a reputation of faithfulness in all commitments and of being responsible in paying his/her bills.

Formal admission is required of all students intending to pursue studies at MTC.

An applicant must have:

  • A Senior High School Certificate
  • Other certificates/degrees from accredited schools relevant to the level of course that one seeks to pursue.

In special cases, qualifying students without a Senior high school education may be allowed to enter MTC. However, these students will be on a probationary status until MTC deems the student is capable of completing MTC’s course of study.


Applicant seeking admission to MTC must submit all of the following documents:

(1) A completed application

(2) A recent photograph

In order for students to transfer credits, a transcript of their credits earned at another Bible college/secular college, must be submitted within 90 days of enrollment.

In order for students to receive Life-experience credits, students must contact the Registrar.


Students ceasing their studies for more than one year, must request re-admission and be approved before continuing their studies with MTC.


Students transferring credits to MTC from another institution of higher learning must submit the following:

  • Transcripts from all institutions attended for college credits.
  • The scores of any standard test, such as the American College Testing Program (ACT)or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

If the subjects being transferred fit into MTC’s plan of study, MTC will grant students credit for the completion of these courses.

Student’s credits that are accepted by MTC will be recorded on student’s MTC record.

​MTC requires that all transfer students complete at least 30 credits before any degree is granted (this 30 credit minimum include courses and any required thesis).