At MTC, we believe it’s time the Church returns to “practical” everyday Christianity. We are in need of a Christianity that will work in the home, on the job and when everything around us seems to be falling apart.

We believe we have gathered together some of the best courses in PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY that can be found anywhere in the world. At MTC, we call this “Practical Theology.”

What is “Practical Theology”? The dictionary meaning of the word “practical” is that which can be used; workable; useful and sensible; concerned with the application of knowledge to useful ends, as distinguished from theory; concerned with or dealing realistically and sensibly with everyday activities.

“Theology” is the study of religious faith, practice and experience; especially the study of God and His relationship to man.

By combining the definitions of these two words, “practical” and “theology;” we learn that “Practical Theology” is the study of God’s Word and how to put His Word to practical use in our lives and the lives of others.

“Practical Theology” is something that “ordinary folks” can practice on a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis. This is where Practical Theology really shines.

“Practical Theology” is utilizing the knowledge we acquire to strengthen our faith, and then, to practice what we have learned in our everyday living.

As one educator stated, “The first thing an education should do is to teach us what needs to be done, and then, give us the fortitude to go out and do it.” In a nutshell, that is “Practical Theology.”

Students who enroll in MTC will not be studying Hebrew, Greek, or even English. Our MTC curriculum is built around the study of the Word of God-the Bible, and how we can apply it to our lives and share with others what we have learned.

A professional Bible student may acquire much “head knowledge,” but a student of “Practical Theology” is trained to meet life’s everyday challenges “head-on.”

“Practical Theology” is for the spiritual newborn, as well as, the spiritually mature person who has walked with the Lord for many years. It is for the layperson and the minister, the laborer and the missionary, the teenager and the elderly. Yes, “Practical Theology” is for everyone.

Today there is a new trend taking place in Bible colleges towards teaching “Practical Theology.” At MTC, our focus has always been on “Practical Theology.” Long before other Bible colleges began to even consider placing special emphasis on this field of learning, MTC was teaching these timeless truths to students around the world.