Single course certification in Practical Theology or Ministry Leadership

A single course out of the array of courses that makes up a full academic program can be understudied by a student for the award of a certificate in practical theology or ministry leadership for that particular course only. This is where the student is only interested in deepening knowledge in just that area. 


Associate or the Bachelor of Practical Theology with a minor in Leadership

The full program of MTC leadership center is structured such that in modular formats, a student can graduate at either the Associate or the Bachelor of Practical Theology with a minor in Leadership level. The choice of program is largely determined by the educational background and ministry experience of the applicant. In addition, those enrolled for the Bachelor level are required to do more in-depth and rigorous academic exercises and assignments.

Enrolling for the Associate or the Bachelor of Practical Ministry with Leadership diploma/degree is however cohort based and consist of six focal program areas, out of which the single courses are also run. The program structure and attending courses are as below:


Program Structure/Courses


Program structural Area 1: Core (Practical Theology-Spiritual development)

These are courses designed to deepen the spiritual formation and development of students. It provides them with the framework to soar higher in the Spirit and demonstrate practical power and authority to advance the course of the gospel of Jesus Christ as able ministers.


PTSD 101 Knowing God’s voice 

PTSD 102 Mighty in Spirit

PTSD 103 Building Blocks of Truth

PTSD 104 Open Doors-Closed doors

PTSD 105 Leaving Egypt behind

PTSD 106 Spiritual warfare

PTSD 107 Fervent prayer

PTSD 108 The nature of God


Program structural area 2: Elective (Theology-Biblical Foundations)

Having an overview of the books of the bible in terms of their historical backgrounds and actual information presented as well as the know how to study and understand the contents presented in each of these books is the focus of this program area. 


TBF 101 New Testament Survey

TBF 102 Old Testament Survey

TBF 103 Bible study Methods


Program structural area 3:  Elective (Leadership)


L101 Ministry Management 

L102Leadership Ethics and Virtues 

L103 Record and Accounting Procedures for Church

L104 Church Government


Program structural area 4: Colloquium 


CPML 101: Practical Ministry and Leadership Colloquium

This is a special course delivered in a colloquium format (practical seminar) where pertinent issues in practical ministry and leadership are presented and discussed in plenary. The presentation and discussion are led by carefully selected guest Pastors/Speakers with proven leadership skills and experience in ministry. Students are tasked to write a one-page reflection of their experiences after each session. Students are required to attend at least three colloquia before graduation.


Program structural area 5: Core (Research for Practical Theological advancement)


RPTA 101: Research Methods for practical ministry

This is a core course designed to introduce students on how to conduct research to write their special project work. All research projects are submitted as partial fulfilment for the award of any diploma/degree. 


Program structural area 6: Project work


PW101: Project in practical ministry and Leadership

This is the capstone project for all students. It ensures that MTC as a school will have students contributing to the advancement of practical theology and leadership in ministry in Ghana and elsewhere through research. In groups, students are required to research and present a paper on a subject of interest as partial fulfillment of the award of their diplomas/degrees.  They are guided by faculty supervisors to undertake this task.

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